What Is Ghostwriting?

Everybody has a story. Everybody. Some are more compelled than others to share that story, only they lack the skill, confidence, or simply the time to write it. Enter: ghostwriters. Ghostwriters offer the “mechanics” of the story-writing process, taking another person's story (or blog post, article, etc.) and putting it in written form.

Unlike an editor who assumes the writing they are editing comes from a professed writer, the ghostwriter understands the storyteller may or may not consider themselves a writer at all. They simply do not want or choose to physically write their own story themselves for any number of reasons, from a lack of writing skills to a lack of time.

A really good ghostwriter captures the storyteller's voice perfectly - phrasing, describing, speaking, just as the storyteller would. In this way, the ghostwriter becomes the mirror representative of the storyteller, like a great actor does while playing the role of a given character. Both become immersed in a particular persona, saying things they would possibly never say themselves and quite possibly, in a manner completely foreign to themselves.

At the same time, the storyteller is the “master and commander” of all operations; they direct just how much of their real voice is revealed in the writing. They may choose, for instance, to have the ghostwriter adhere to more grammatical observations than the storyteller normally would themselves, etc.

As an English teacher, writing with appropriate voice (you're visualizing me with the matronly glasses at the end of my nose right now, aren't you? lol) is something I taught students for many years. The saying, If you really want to learn how to do something, teach it, applies here. I am also a great lover of STORY. I truly love hearing accounts of people's lives - their stories. The magic of a story sparks imagination, opens eyes to new possibilities and perspectives, educates, and entertains - all at once. I would be honored and excited to ghostwrite yours.

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